Arnab Roy

Security and Privacy Lab. University of Innsbruck


I have recently joined tenure track position at the University of Innsbruck from September, 2023.

I was a lecturer (2020 - 09/2023) at the Alpen-Adria Unviersity Klagenfurt in the Cybersecurity Research group led by Prof. Elisabeth Oswald. Prior to that, I was a senior research associate (09/2017 - 2019) at the Unviersity of Bristol, UK in the cryptography research group, and a postdoc researcher (06/2014 - 04/2017) at the Technical University of Denmark in the Cybersecurity group hosted by Prof. Christian Rechberger.

I received PhD in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg in 2014. My doctoral research topic was security aspects of symmetric-key primitives and my thesis supervisor was Prof. Alex Biryukov.

My academic background is in Mathematics. I received master’s (M.Sc from the Indian Institute of Technology) and bachelor’s (B.Sc with Hons.) degrees in Mathematics. I also hold a master’s (M.Tech from the Indian Statistical Institute) degree in Computer Science.

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the area of cryptography and its applications. I am interested in designing cryptographic primitives, cryptanalysis, and application of cryptography in security and privacy. I am also interested in statistical machine learning and its interplay with cryptography and security.

My cryptographic designs

I am co-designer of the ZKP and MPC friendly symmetric-key families of primitives MiMC, GMiMC and most recently published Poseidon. I am co-designer of the lightweight encryption function ForkSkinny associated with the lightweight authenticated encryption scheme ForkAE. ForkAE was one of the Round 2 candidates in the NIST competition for standardizing lightweight cryptography.

Professional service

Program Committees: SCN 2022, CT-RSA 2022, Indocrypt 2020, PKC 2020, FSE (ToSC) 2019.

External reviews: Asiacrypt 2021, FSE 2020, SAC 2020, Asiacrypt 2020, Eurocrypt 2019, Asiacrypt 2018, Crypto 2018, ACNS 2017, FSE 2016, CT-RSA 2015, Eurocrypt 2015, ACNS 2014, FSE 2013, CHES 2013, Asiacrypt 2012, FSE 2012, Crypto 2011


Sep 20, 2023 Paper on quantum cryptanalysis accepted by the journal Designs, Codes and Cryptography
Sep 18, 2023 I will serve as a PC member of CT-RSA
Dec 19, 2022 Paper on p-adic encoding for homomorphic encryption accepted at the ACNS 2023
Jan 24, 2021 Our paper on Compactness of Hashing Modes accepted at the Eurocrypt 2021
Jan 11, 2021 I am co-organiser of the Lightweight Cryptography workshop SILC co-located with Eurocrypt 2021. The second submission deadline for the workshop is March 25, 2021.